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Superior Nursery & Garden Center   Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm 12506 Susquehanna Trail South, New Freedom PA 17349   717-227-0924  email:

Superior Nursery & Garden Center

12506 Susquehanna Trail South

 New Freedom PA 17349

Just north of Shrewsbury PA


We're celebrating our 31st year in business!

Experienced, Expert Advice

Because WE GROW IT!

The results-

Hardier plants acclimated to our area!


Better Quality  * Better Value * Better Prices *  Superior Selection 

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Tuesday -Saturday - 9am-5pm

Closed Sunday & Monday


 The  Areas Largest Grower.

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Specialists in Native Plants, including organically grown pollinator and wildlife habitat species. That's Good for ALL!   Learn More

Superior Nursery & Garden Center Areas Largest Grower

We Are-

What's a "Nursery" vs. a "Garden Center"?

Nurseries GROW the plants .
Garden Centers BUY plants from nurseries.

Superior Nursery grows most of the the plants we sell at our Garden Center.

If their name includes "Nursery" ask them what  they grow!

 An Organic Practice Production Nursery.

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