Bulk Premium Mulches,  Premium Topsoil, Certified Organic Compost 

Ours  IS NOT the same as everyone else's....

OMRI Certified Organic Bulk Compost-

If certified organic gardening is part of your lifestyle we are the only source in the area providing bulk compost.

OMRI Certified Organic Mechanicsbagged soil blends including potting soil, soil amendment (compost blend) and worm castings.

A full cubic yard is $38.00 dollars , 2/3rds of a cubic yard is $26.00

Home of Mid Atlantic Native Plants
The areas largest grower with the areas largest selection of landscape ready trees, shrubs & perennials, including organically grown native plants.

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Cheaper mulch, ground up pallets or so called "painted" mulch can actually leach nutrients from the soil and add toxins back in. It may be cheap, but it won’t save you on watering or weeding.

We abide by weights and measures standards and you get the full amount you order. We don’t play games with gimmicks.

Happy soil makes a happy garden and homeowner!

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What's a "Nursery" vs. a "Garden Center"?
Nurseries GROW plants .
Garden Centers BUY plants from nurseries.

Superior Nursery grows most of the the plants we sell at our Garden Center.

If their name includes "Nursery" ask them WHAT they grow!

These items are always in stock, and we're happy to load for you.

Local delivery is available for an additional fee via a professional licensed sub-contractor. There is no minimum amount for delivery. Contact us for actual delivery rates for your situation.

As a general rule, within 5 miles of our location, delivery for up to 9 yards of mulch or compost, and 4 yards of topsoil is $45.00 in addition to the material. 10 yards or more of Mulch or compost is $55.00 within 5 miles. 

Direct shipment of large quantities (35 yards or more) is available. Please call 717-227-0924 for a price quote.

NOT all Mulch is the same!

Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch

Where's it from?

Our premium mulch products are produced in Lancaster County, PA from locally harvested hardwood sources.  Hardwood mulch is what occurs naturally in our area. It's best for our regions plant types.

Why mulch?

As mulch biodegrades it adds nutrients to the soil, meaning less or no  need for fertilizers.

A 3" layer protects soil moisture, meaning less watering. It also make it hard for weed seeds to germinate and allows for easy pulling if they do.

Plus, we actually give you the volume you pay for.

Bottom line- Premium Double shredded MULCH saves YOU money, time and resources.

HARDWOOD bark-This is a premium mulch product, double shredded  and composted hardwood tree bark from lumber mills composted for a minimum of 90 days. This is what prime soil is made of...

A full cubic yard is $32.00, 2/3rds of a yard is $22.00

Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch- Same as above with organic black stay vegetable dye added for long term color consistency.

A full cubic yard is $36.00, 2/3rds of a yard is $24.00

Aged Composted Topsoil-

Only the best for our customer’s garden! We start with Lancaster County, PA’s sandy loam soil and add CERTIFIED ORGANIC compost to create the perfect growing media. Its our special recipe and can be used for vegetable gardens, lawns, planting and transplanting. Your plants will love it!

A full cubic yard is $38.00 dollars, 2/3rds of a cubic yard is $26.00