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What's a "Nursery" vs. a "Garden Center"?
Nurseries GROW plants .
Garden Centers BUY plants from nurseries.

Superior Nursery grows most of the the plants we sell at our Garden Center.

If their name includes "Nursery" ask them WHAT they grow!

As a result we spend all the time needed working with our customers to  ensure they're selecting the correct plants for the environment and expectations they're dealing with. Then we make sure they have the information they need to properly plant and care for their investment. We invest the time in growing the plants and making  sure our customers are informed and educated. Your time and money are very valuable to us.

 Anyone can unload a truck and read a plant's tag and proclaim themselves an expert. But there are many differences between a grower and any business that sells plants without the knowledge of growing them.

With the experience of 31 years and, as the grower, we are thoroughly familiar with every plant we offer our customers. Our inventory is "alive", we touch each plant every day in one way or another. 

Plants that are purchased healthy do not just suddenly die, and there's no "luck" involved . Most plant failures are due to improper planting and/or care issues. There's a lot of old and incorrect information out there.

Trees & shrubs purchased at regular price have a six month warranty with proper care.  Perennials have a 30 day warranty. Annuals and bulk materials are a final sale, as are any discounted or "Sale" items.

We do not replace completely dead plants, we request you contact us immediately upon noticing any problems with the plant so we can help diagnose and reverse any problem prior to plant failure. We are not responsible for death resulting in  weather extremes,  acts of nature or man made causes.

Following the guides below will insure your success. We are always available to answer your questions and offer assistance. If a plant does fail and requires replacement we require the original receipt and the plant for the warranty. We do this so we can determine the problem and correct it so it doesn't happen again because....

your time and money are very valuable to us!

Did You Know??

In their quest to provide plants to customers, big box plant suppliers need to grown their plants as quickly as possible. Most utilize mass spraying of pesticides and fungicides, as well as synthetic fertilizers to produce a fluffy big plant as quickly as they can. Unfortunately...

"EVEN AS THEY try to help the bees, people may inadvertently poison them by planting pesticide-laden plants purchased from big-box garden centers, suggests a new report.

More than half of ostensibly bee-friendly plants sampled at 18 Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart garden centers in the U.S. and Canada contained high levels of neonicotinoids, which are considered highly toxic to bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators.

Even when they don’t kill pollinators outright, neonicotinoids can impair their immune systems and sense of navigation, potentially turning gardens and backyards into flowery traps.”

An open question is to what extent neonicotinoids added to soil spread to other plants. Reliable data doesn’t yet exist on this question, but Brown warned that it’s certainly possible. Neonicotinoids are water-soluble and can take years to break down.

“If one potted plant is highly contaminated, then when it’s planted, it’s very likely that nearby plants will take up these insecticides following a heavy rain or watering,” said Brown. 

 - BRANDON KEIM. SCIENCE Magazine, 6/14

Fast and Cheap is usually more unhealthy and more expensive than we can imagine...

Our Guarantee     Proper Planting &  Aftercare

"Box Stores", Supermarkets and many Garden Centers have contractual agreements with specialized growers that supply plant material to them as a "pay per ring". This means the grower is paid ONLY for what the retailer rings through the register.  Returned or unsold plants are thrown away and the retailer doesn't ever pay for them. The waste and negative environmental impact is immeasurable. For some it has also created a disposable mentality. They don't pay for it so they don't care. Well, we do care. We've invested and paid for every plant on our property. There are no "throwaway's".

"We're not called Superior Nursery because we have a high opinion of ourselves. We're called Superior Nursery to remind ourselves of what we expect to offer our customers in products and services everyday." - Kurt & Linda Kurzmiller, founder & owners