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The areas largest grower with the areas largest selection of landscape ready trees, shrubs & perennials, including organically grown native plants.

Located at:
12506 Susquehanna Trail South

 New Freedom PA 17349
Just north of Shrewsbury, PA

email: info@superiornursery.com

We specialize in native trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and wetland plants.
We have  the areas largest selection of organically grown native species including pollinator  and wildlife   support plants.

Mid Atlantic Natives specializes in bare root plant material, plug trays and live stakes. These items are available to all as prepaid orders only. Pricing is based on quantity. You may shop and order on line  and then pick up your order when it's ready.

We invite you to take advantage  of what they offer.  Less maintenance, less water and extreme benefits for us and the wildlife hat depends on theme.

If you're looking for large quantities for meadow plantings, reforestation, bank stabilization, riparian buffers, CREP, etc , consider our bare root and plug tray availability. 

We offer finished material through the garden center. We STRONGLY recommend contacting us prior to your visit to ensure the items you're looking for are available.

Please contact us directly for wholesale bids & pricing.

Visit www.midatlanticnatives.com for ordering information

Winter Hours By Appointment

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What's a "Nursery" vs. a "Garden Center"?
Nurseries GROW plants .
Garden Centers BUY plants from nurseries.

Superior Nursery grows most of the the plants we sell at our Garden Center.

If their name includes "Nursery" ask them WHAT they grow!

Mid Atlantic Natives, an organic practice native plant division of

Superior Nursery & Garden Center

Native plants are those that existed in our region prior to European settlement. They are acclimated by nature to our climates extremes, soil type and pests.  They survive and prosper without our help...unless of course we interfere.