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Insecticides, miticides, fungicides, herbicides and other pest and weed control products are unique because they have USDA Organic certification. Most organic fertilizers and pest control products have OMRI certification instead, and some don't have any certification at all.

Whether you have fungus problems, deer problems, weed problems or even rose, vegetable garden or houseplant problems, there's a Pharm Solutions product to help solve it. ($12.99)


Planting Mix Compost Blend
For vegetable gardens, trees, shrubbery, fruits and flowers.  Use as a compost soil amendment when planting.   Works great in Raised Bed gardens
Adds vital organic matter to enhance the root zone
Helps retain moisture around plant roots.
Give your new plants a healthy advantage with this superior quality all-organic planting mix!
Contains: compost, pine bark, coir, and worm castings. Available in 1 & 2 cubic foot bags at your local retail store

Premium Blend Potting Soil
Ideal for growing food in containers, transplanting, tropicals, and indoor plants. Our most moisture-retentive blend, chock-full of compost and worm castings. Use for small containers, window boxes or for any plant that needs moist soil.
Cut your watering time in half! You’ll water half as often as compared with peat-based mixes.
Harvest twice as much! Research trials show tomatoes grew twice as large, with twice as many fruits when grown in Premium Blend, compared to our competition. For best results, add a balanced, organic fertilizer at planting time. Contains: compost, pine bark, coir, worm castings, and perlite.

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Fast and Cheap is usually more unhealthy and more expensive than we can imagine...

In their quest to provide plants to customers, big box plant suppliers need to grown their plants as quickly as possible. Most utilize mass spraying of pesticides and fungicides, as well as synthetic fertilizers to produce a fluffy big plant as quickly as they can. Unfortunately...

"EVEN AS THEY try to help the bees, people may inadvertently poison them by planting pesticide-laden plants purchased from big-box garden centers, suggests a new report.

More than half of ostensibly bee-friendly plants sampled at 18 Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart garden centers in the U.S. and Canada contained high levels of neonicotinoids, which are considered highly toxic to bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators.

Even when they don’t kill pollinators outright, neonicotinoids can impair their immune systems and sense of navigation, potentially turning gardens and backyards into flowery traps.”

An open question is to what extent neonicotinoids added to soil spread to other plants. Reliable data doesn’t yet exist on this question, but Brown warned that it’s certainly possible. Neonicotinoids are water-soluble and can take years to break down.

“If one potted plant is highly contaminated, then when it’s planted, it’s very likely that nearby plants will take up these insecticides following a heavy rain or watering,” said Brown. 

 - BRANDON KEIM. SCIENCE Magazine, 6/14

Superior Nursery /  Mid Atlantic Natives is an organic practice production  nursery. The OMRI ans USDA Certified Organic products we sell are the same ones we use. WE employ biological controls as well (ladybugs, praying mantis, etc.)

If it flutters or hums and buzzes or sings … 

Plant native plants and to your garden they’ll bring…

-Linda Kurzmiller


Superior Nursery & Garden Center Organic Production Nursery

Soil Reef BioChar

Want the healthiest garden possible?
Start with our premium cleaned & sifted topsoil, add our certified organic compost and top with Biochar!
Biochar offers the following benefits to your soil and plant health:

Replenishes and retains soil nutrients so crops will be more nutrient-dense.
Improves exchange capacity for greater mineral delivery to plant roots.
Increases microbial populations,  higher retention of microorganisms is essential to healthy soil.
Produces healthy structure (humus), reducing compaction so soil can breathe.  Neutralizes and maintains pH of soil.  Neutralizes toxins in the soil.
Increases the water holding capacity of the soil.
Improves germination of seedlings.
Improves resistance to infestation by fungus, nematodes, and insects. Provides a rich source of carbon to build hummus/organic matter and increase productivity.
Sequesters atmospheric carbon. Captures and stores greenhouse gases
One bag covers approximately 600 square feet. ($42.99)

We're Organic!

Home of Mid Atlantic Native Plants
The areas largest grower with the areas largest selection of landscape ready trees, shrubs & perennials, including organically grown native plants.

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What's a "Nursery" vs. a "Garden Center"?
Nurseries GROW plants .
Garden Centers BUY plants from nurseries.

Superior Nursery grows most of the the plants we sell at our Garden Center.

If their name includes "Nursery" ask them WHAT they grow!

We use and sell USDA or OMRI certified organic products in our plant production and on our properties.

We  choose not to use any synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. This means we never spray our plants or property with synthetic pesticides or fungicides nor do we spread any kind of chemical fertilizers or spray chemical herbicides .

We do this  to live a healthier life and create a safety zone for our pollinators and wildlife and our customers. We produce a healthier product for you and your garden and all Earth's creatures . Plus, all of our non plant products are MADE IN THE USA.  

And THAT'S good for you!